About Kurt Kucera

Kurt KuceraKurt Kucera of Palm Harbor, Florida learned the construction industry from the young age of 10, when his family opened their pool business. Working his way through the different facets of the business, Kurt was able to express exceptional skills in design and product development. This allowed him to be at the top of the industry and become a pioneer for new designs. During his free time, Kurt enjoys spending time with family and friends, fishing and diving.

Hard Work

Kurt Kucera shadowed his stepfather, who put him in the field at 10 years old to learn the business from the ground up. This taught Kurt the valuable lessons of how business is performed on daily tasks, products, and contractors. The interaction with clients is crucial to evaluate how they perceive the project and commencement. He spent many years working with the trades (subcontractors on each phase) from the layout to the finish on the interior of the pool. First, Kurt needed to understand what it took to create a pool; from there, he learned the basis of administration, scheduling, accounting and design.  Each aspect is equally important for a high-caliber company to succeed.

Kurt Kucera’s stepfather taught him the value of hard work at a young age…

Life is always a challenging event, always evolving and changing around you. Seize the moment and make it better. Nothing will be given to you; you must go after what you want…develop and conquer everything yourself.

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