About Kurt Kucera

Kurt Kucera began learning about the construction industry from the young age of 10 when his family opened their first pool business. Kurt would shadow his stepfather as he went about his day-to-day work. His stepfather knew it was important for young Kurt to learn the business from the ground up, and introduced him to every aspect of the business, from daily administrative tasks to product development and client management.

Kurt spent many years developing his expertise in the field, working with subcontractors to design and develop the layout, finish, and interiors of unique pools. He also learned how to run a business, including managing administration, scheduling, accounting, and design. His stepfather imparted on him the importance of each aspect for a high-caliber company to succeed.

Working his way through the different facets of the business, Kurt showed exceptional skills in design and product development. This motivated him to attend St. Petersburg College and receive an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Design. His formal education coupled with his hears of hands on training is what allowed him to become a top designer in the industry a pioneer for innovative pool designs.

Kurt Kucera’s stepfather helped Kurt understand the importance of hard work, and the value of going after what you want in life. As he explained,

Life is always a challenging event, always evolving and changing around you. Seize the moment and make it better. Nothing will be given to you; you must go after what you want… develop and conquer everything yourself.”

When Kurt isn’t working towards developing his business, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. He especially enjoys the outdoors where he loves to fish, scuba dive, and hunt.